Book Review: We Told Six Lies

We Told Six Lies Cover

We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott

When Molly goes missing, her boyfriend becomes the primary suspect. The story is told switching between the past and the present, but also between Molly and Cobain’s points of view, so the reader is left to guess a little on the actual timeline sequences. I know, but of course I can’t tell you. <insert evil laugh here>.

I’m slightly conflicted on this book. I’m only giving it an average rating, but at the same time, I KNOW high school students are going to love it. I’m sure for them it will be an above average read. For an avid reader, some of the plot seemed forced, but students I’ve talked to didn’t agree. With that said, it was still an interesting read. I love that it was very different from her other books that I’ve read.

Quotes: none

Recommended Grades: 10th and up (some mature content and language)

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Overall Opinion: Average

Source: ebook ARC through Netgalley

Book Review: The Moon Platoon

The Moon Platoon by Jeramey Kraatz

Series: Space Runners

Space Runners Cover

Benny’s life is full of challenges. Not only does his family have to scavenge from day to day, but the death of his father means he needs to find a way to help provide for his family. Wining a scholarship to the Lunar Taj seems like it might be just the thing, but events begin going wrong almost as soon as he arrives. He and his new friends have a lot of problem solving to do if they are going to save the day!

Set in 2085, this novel is full of humor and has some great character scenes. I had a hard time getting into the story at first, but once I did, I was hooked. I think I probably wouldn’t have had that issue if I’d been reading it and not listening to an audiobook. I think this will be a great book for reluctant readers because the story is fast paced and interesting.

Quote that literally made me choke on my tea:

“I’m going to be killed by a bad hairstyle.”

Recommended Grades: 5th-10th grade

Genre: Science Fiction

Overall Opinion: Average with above average moments

Source: audiobook

Book Review: Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen

Book Review: Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen

In Nazi-occupied Poland, Jews are being set to concentration camps or rounded up into Ghettos. Chaya is a part of the resistance that helps take aide or evacuates survivors when possible. Together with the other resistance fighters, she will make a stand in the Warsaw Ghetto, even though the chances of survival are not guaranteed.

This is a part of the Holocaust that I think is not discussed enough. I love when a book drives me to research about the topic! In fact, Nielsen’s info at the end of the book was intriguing. I love that the characters were related on people with brilliant stories that needed to be told. In fact, I read this in one setting-had to work out longer on elliptical just so I could finish one part because I didn’t want to stop. This book has wonderful characters and a plot that is action packed, but believable. Your heart will grieve and cheer all at the same time.


My favorite quote isn’t even from the book, but from the notes at the conclusion of the novel: “May we never forget. May we live with honor at all times, regardless of our circumstances. And may we choose love, a weapon that will defeat hate every single time. Love is the resistance.”

Recommended Grades: 7-12
Genre: Historical Fiction
Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended
Source: Audio and Book (because I needed to go faster).

Book Review: Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Mass

Book CoverBook Review: Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Mass

When life gets hard for her family, Feyre must learn to hunt and provide for her family. When she kills a wolf that is really a faerie, she is forced to live with the faeries she hates. Except, the more time she spends with them, the more she realizes what she knew could have been wrong.

I listened to this on audio; which was really well done. Anxiously awaiting book two (seems like it’s been on hold forever, but I’m first in line now). I’m not a huge faerie fan, but I loved this story. It was as much about relationships and perception of reality as it was faeries.



Recommended Grades: 8-12

Genre: Fantasy

Overall Opinion: Recommended

Source: audiobook

Book Blog: If I Run by Terri Blackstock

If I runWhen Casey discovers the body of her best friend Brent, she knows she has been framed for his death. Now she knows she must not only run from the law, but also run for her life.  Dylan is hired by Brent’s family to track down Casey. At first it seems like and easy job, but the closer he gets, the less sure he is about his task.

Told in two voices, this Christian fiction will hook you from the start. I read this in a free ebook from Netgalley but I also listened to the audio.  The audio is very well done, but I would have loved to have a different reader for Dylan’s chapters. Can’t wait for the next book.

Quote I liked on prayer:

“I suppose prayer is always a good thing, even when it hurts.”

Genre: Christian Fiction

Overall Opinion: Recommend

Source: eBook and audiobook

Book Review: Court of Fives by Kate Elliott

Court of FivesJessamy was born into a life where class decided her value. When she finally breaks tradition and trains in secret for the Fives; a deadly competition that tests her both physically and mentally, she knows she must keep her identity hidden. But things are never that easy. Situations with her father’s political ambitions complicate her options, and a forbidden friendship with Kalliarkos changes things in new and unexpected ways. 

Could not put this book down. In fact, I haven’t started the next one because I’m worried it will be the same way. I loved Jessamy’s character and some of the tough choices she had to make. I’m really interested in the the path this story will travel. A few of my teens have loved this, but some had trouble getting started at first. Once they give it a few pages, most have been hooked. This is on the 2017 Texas Lone Star Reading List and the Tayshas Reading List as well.

You know that time you had a lot of great quotes, but you couldn’t find them anywhere???? Boo. Sorry people. I’ll make up for it when I read the next one.
Recommended Grades: 8-12

Genre: Action Adventure

Overall Opinion: Highly Recommend

Source: Book

Book Review: Nightfall by Jake Halpern

NightfallBook Review:Nightfall by Jake Halpern


As Marin and her family prepare to leave her homeland, the world around her is changing as it goes from day to night; an event that only happens every 28 years. The closer they get to night, the more strange things they begin to encounter. When a friend goes missing, Marin and her brother race against time to find Line before the boats leave. Will they make it in time? I could tell you, but then you would miss a great book!

I started reading this book because a teacher recommended it to me. The audio was very well done on this. My only frustration is that the second book wasn’t out yet. LOL. One of the things I liked best in this book was the imagery.You could really visualize the story. 


At some point when things go wrong, you have to fix them yourself. 

Recommended Grades: 7-12

Genre: Mystery

Overall Opinion: Recommend 

Source: Audio