Book Review: Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala

unicornsBook Review: Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala

After the death of her mother, Talia goes to stay with a friend of the family while her father goes out to study whales. Through new friends and new adversity she learns about herself and comes to understand what love really means.

Soooo. I LOVED this book. With all caps people. There are a few sections that bored me…but I’m sure someone will geek out on that part (I skipped-sorry), but I loved the message in this book about loving and loss.

Quotes-there are a ton, and only because I made myself stop. Here are my favorite ones:

On leaving: “And when I finally turned back around in my seat it felt like we were going in reverse because I’d been watching the road move away from us for so long. That’s what leaving is like. Watching things slip away from you until your insides ache and everything feels backwards.”

On feeling whole: “Dad needed those whales-he needed them like I needed Mom’s stories, because sometimes you just need something bigger than yourself to feel whole.”

On believing: “Everyone has to believe in something Talia,” she said. “And sometimes, instead of giving up hope, we tell stories that make the impossible possible.”

On regretting a kiss: “But it was too late to take it back. Turns out that kissing is sort of like talking. You can’t un-kiss anyone any more than you can un-say something.”

On love: “Loving someone means that sometimes you have to risk getting messy. It’s not always fun, but it’s always better than being alone, or watching someone you love hurt alone.”

Recommended Grades: 5-8
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion:  Highly Recommended
Source: Book