Book Review: Virals by Kathy Reichs

viralsBook Review: Virals by Kathy Reichs

Tory takes after her aunt in that she is inquisitive and loves science. While exploring on an island they find a mysterious set of dog tags. Researching helps them get more clues into the mystery behind the tags. On a secret trip to find out more about the owner of the dog tags, Tory and her friends discover a secret lab and rescue Coop, one of the resident wolf pups from the island who is being experimented on in the lab. They think he is sick from Parvo, but that is only part of the problem, and now Tory and her friends are sick.

Recognize the name Brennan? Yup…this is a spin off from the Bones novels about Temperance Brennan’s niece. The story line of this book would be appropriate for 7th grade an up, but the strong language is why I gave it a higher rating. The novel is action packed with just enough science to explain without bogging down the story.

Note: I listened to this on audio, so I think part of my reaction to the book might be the format. Several times I am not sure the timing of the narration was correct and so some of the emphasis/humor got lost. I think I’ll be reading book two in book format.


Several snipits made me laugh, but nothing really stuck out as “ohhh write this down now”

Recommended Grade: 10-Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: Audio