Book Review: Unmarked by Kami Garcia

unmarkedBook Review: Unmarked by Kami Garcia

Spoiler Alert, don’t read this if you haven’t finished book one.

Kennedy reconnects with the Legion members to hunt down the demon she accidentally released in book one. As she learns more about her family, she worries she will be separated forever from her love Jared because she is not a Legion member.

Talk about cliff hanger endings! ETA anyone on book 3? If you like resolution, you probably should wait to start this series. It was interesting to me because I listed to the first book on audio and it didn’t seem as scary as this one…I would have expected that to be the other way around. This book had lot of action and unexpected things, but I had a harder time getting into it initially (maybe because I was being a baby).

Quote between father and daughter:

“I hope you’ve be able to forgive me one day. I’ve always loved you.”

Too little too late.

“One day I might forgive you, but it won’t be today.” I walked by hime, letting all the missed birthdays and Christmases, all the nights I was afraid and he wasn’t there, rebuild the walls around me, one broken promise at a time.

And I’ll never forget.

Quote on tearing down walls (thought it was appropriate in light of the above).

“I took a crumpled piece of paper out of my pocket and unfolded it carefully. It was the ripped piece of Lady Day. Her dome was still split in half-like the girl herself. As I smoothed out the creases, I realized that sometimes we have to step outside the walls and fight. Sometimes the armor we thought was protecting us was actually weighing us down.”

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: Book