Book Review: Shipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen

Shipwreck IslandBook Review: Shipwreck Island by S.A. Bodeen

When Sarah’s dad remarries, she doesn’t expect to be included on a family trip so soon. Not only does she have to get used to a new stepmother, but two new stepbrothers as well. When the trip doesn’t go as expected, they are forced to survive on an island they’ve named Shipwreck Island.

I am a huge S.A. Bodeen fan! This book caught my attention right away, but ended so suddenly it made me wonder if I had the entire arc. I know that this was the first installment in a new series, but the ending was very abrupt, so be prepared. If you ignore that though, the story is interesting and mysterious and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. You will like the characters and enjoy this Swiss Family Robinson meets Blue Beard style of a novel.

Quote: None that stuck out

Recommended Grades: 7-12
Genre: Action Adventure/Fantasy
Overall Opinion: Average with potential (curious about the next book)
Source: ebook from Netgalley