Book Review: Mosquitoland by David Arnold

mosquitoBook Review: Mosquitoland by David Arnold

When things start to fall apart for Mim at home, she steals some money from her stepmother’s stash, and sets out via bus to find her mom. What could go wrong? The answer…lots. Mim’s journey of self discovery is touching and sometimes hard to witness. The reader will root for her even when she doesn’t have the strength to root for herself.

I chose this book to read after talking to several teens who loved it. I would have given it a recommend instead of average, but sometimes the language got in the way of the story. Some of the teens I know disagree though, so take that with a grain of salt. The story itself is crafted beautifully and I loved the quirkiness of the characters. Full of love, and not afraid to tackle more difficult topics without being patronizing.

Quote on villainy:

“The good guys aren’t all good. The bad guys aren’t all bad. And any character wholly one or the other shouldn’t exist at all. Remember this as I describe the antics that follow, for though I’m not a villain, I’m not immune to villainy.”

Quote on understanding who you are:

“And as simple as it sounds, I think understanding who you are, and who you are not, is the most important thing of all important things”

Recommended Grades: 10-12 (language and topics)
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion: Average.
Source: Audiobook