Epic Fail: Twitter Scavenger Hunt

So…for Teen Tech Week I thought I’d have a Twitter scavenger hunt.I planned out all these great (in my mind) tweets that students could respond to on Twitter. I took time and loaded them into TweetDeck so that I could still oversea my makerspace and have the scavenger hunt going on at the same time.

That morning I logged into Twitter and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, kids came up to me showing pics of what I’d asked them to do on Twitter and still participated, but I had one issue I’d never really considered.  You see, my students always know what I’m posting on Twitter so I mistakingly assumed that meant they used Twitter; that they would be able to post a reply. The problem? They know about my Twitter feed because they look at the library website. None of them are even on Twitter.


Live and learn. Next time I do a Twitter scavenger hunt, it will be clues to locations not tasks. That way it will be fun and a non issue.

Some of you will ask why I still use Twitter if they don’t. The answer is complicated. They are reading the summary and get the data off my website, so it is still valuable. Plus, I use Twitter for my PLN. Ultimately, Twitter is also an advocacy tool because the adults that support the library also use Twitter. It’s a great tool with a little restructuring on my end.