Book Review: The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson

The Golden BraidBook Review: The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson

Like Dickerson’s other fairy tale retelling, this is a take on the Rapunzel story. This is the story that leads up to Rapunzel being locked in the tower. At first, her only worries are that she will never learn to read and that her mother is a little overbearing. Enter the knight who saves them from attack on the road, and you have the start of a great story.

This book started a little slow for me, but once I got hooked I had trouble putting it down. There were a couple cheesy moments but I can’t discuss without giving away too much of the plot. I did like how Rapunzel learned to read using not only the Bible, but other literature from that time. It might have people looking up those references.



Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fairy Tale
Overall Opinion:  Average
Source: ebook from Netgalley

Book Review: Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Rebel BelleBook Review: Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

When a Homecoming Dance goes horribly wrong, Harper Price inherits the powers of a Paladin who is protecting; of course, her arch nemesis. What’s a girl to do but kick some bad guy butt? But now, this new job is seriously getting in the way of cotillion and her other relationships.

I only chose two quotes from this book, but I have to say, I absolutely love the voice of Rachel Hawkins! I’ve read her other books, and even; in full disclosure, own a pink taser. Gotta love Christmas gifts from people who get you. She is witty, and sarcastic, but still manages to pull at your heartstrings. This book was the first book in a new series and was entertaining from start to finish. As someone who lives in the south, but doesn’t always get the south, I loved some of the nuances hidden in this book.

Great first line:

Looking back, none of this would have happened if I’d brought lip gloss the night of the Homecoming Dance.

On being polite even when you don’t want to be:

And you especially need to be polite to said douchebag when it happens to be the nephew of Saylor Stark, president of the Pine Grove Junior League; head of the Pine Grove Betterment Society; chairwoman of the Grove Academy School Board; and, most importantly, organizer of the Pine Grove’s Annual Cotillion.

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion:  Recommended
Source: Book and audiobook

Book Review: Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs

Powerless ImageBook Review: Powerless by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs

When everyone around you is a superhero, it really stinks to be normal. Kenna might be smart, but she is frustrated at her lack of abilities. One night when working late in the lab, Kenna gets thrown into the middle of a villain plot that rocks what she thought she knew about her world to the core. Throw in a cute villain and you have the start of an enjoyable book. He he.

While some parts of this books were pretty predictable (not spoiling with what), there are still a lot of unexpected events and action. The story moves quickly and definitely leaves the reader wanting more! It reminds me of another book in style, but I can’t place my finger on why.

Great Quotes:

“Just because I don’t have a power doesn’t mean I’m powerless.”

“As I stare at them, I’m overwhelmed by a deafening noise-the sound of my mind exploding.”

Recommended Grades: 7-up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion:  Average
Source: eBook from Netgalley

Book Review: The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin

nethergrimBook Review: The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin

The Nethergrim was defeated. That is what everyone thought; what the legends said; but when livestock and children start disappearing, everyone must uncover what really happened in the past to determine how to save the present.

Love that this novel has three great teen heroes but also some strong adult characters. Everyone is flawed; and some are the better for those flaws. The audio on this is wonderful. I have no idea how the narrator kept all the voices straight, but he did an excellent job.


“Some people seemed to talk just to stop themselves from listening. That is what Tom had always guessed it must be. The words people spoke so often seem to get in the way.” ~Tom

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion:  Recommended
Source: Book

Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

redqueenBook Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

In a world where the color of your blood defines you, Mare is in the low class of reds that struggle just to survive. With her brothers serving in the war, she does what she can to help the family survive, even if that means stealing. When a stranger’s help calls her to the castle, Mare’s life changes dramatically as she learns that maybe those blood boundaries weren’t as simple as everyone once thought.

Confession. You probably know if you read my blog, but sometimes I just pick up a book and don’t know anything about it other than the cover (find blurbs sometimes give away too much)….so I thought this was a Victorian Queenish kind of book…I’d put off reading it because I wasn’t in that mood. Then one day I hear kids discussing and knew I had to read it right away. Oops. This book was very interesting. The think I liked best is how visual the story telling was; you can easily see this being made into a movie!


I don’t like getting involved in other people’s business. I don’t have time for I; and yet, here I am listening to myself say four dooming words, “leave everything to me.”

Mavin lets me think. His eyes thoughtful as he watches the emotion rise in my face. He always lets me think. Sometimes his silence is better than anyone else’s words.

Recommended Grades: 9 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion:  Highly Recommended
Source: Audio Book

Book Review: The False Princess by Ellis O’Neal

The False PrincessBook Review: The False Princess by Ellis O’Neal

Nalia lived the first part of her life thinking she was the princess, only to discover that she was simply impersonating the princess because a prophecy predicted that someone would try to kill the princess. Forced into a new unexpected life, Nalia; now Sinda, discovers that even more secrets await.

Loved this book! Reminded me of The False Prince in some ways, but creative in its own right. Some beautiful relationships and a creative story that got richer as it progressed. Hard to say too much without giving away spoilers.


AUGH I had several of these, but the audiobook wouldn’t let me go back to them easily, so you get only one…sorry.

“I would stay in Treb. I would try to make a life here, after all, what was the use of running away when what I really wanted to run away from was myself?”

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure
Overall Opinion:  Highly Recommended
Source: Audiobook

Book Review: Unmarked by Kami Garcia

unmarkedBook Review: Unmarked by Kami Garcia

Spoiler Alert, don’t read this if you haven’t finished book one.

Kennedy reconnects with the Legion members to hunt down the demon she accidentally released in book one. As she learns more about her family, she worries she will be separated forever from her love Jared because she is not a Legion member.

Talk about cliff hanger endings! ETA anyone on book 3? If you like resolution, you probably should wait to start this series. It was interesting to me because I listed to the first book on audio and it didn’t seem as scary as this one…I would have expected that to be the other way around. This book had lot of action and unexpected things, but I had a harder time getting into it initially (maybe because I was being a baby).

Quote between father and daughter:

“I hope you’ve be able to forgive me one day. I’ve always loved you.”

Too little too late.

“One day I might forgive you, but it won’t be today.” I walked by hime, letting all the missed birthdays and Christmases, all the nights I was afraid and he wasn’t there, rebuild the walls around me, one broken promise at a time.

And I’ll never forget.

Quote on tearing down walls (thought it was appropriate in light of the above).

“I took a crumpled piece of paper out of my pocket and unfolded it carefully. It was the ripped piece of Lady Day. Her dome was still split in half-like the girl herself. As I smoothed out the creases, I realized that sometimes we have to step outside the walls and fight. Sometimes the armor we thought was protecting us was actually weighing us down.”

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: Book