Book Review: Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen

Book Review: Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen

In Nazi-occupied Poland, Jews are being set to concentration camps or rounded up into Ghettos. Chaya is a part of the resistance that helps take aide or evacuates survivors when possible. Together with the other resistance fighters, she will make a stand in the Warsaw Ghetto, even though the chances of survival are not guaranteed.

This is a part of the Holocaust that I think is not discussed enough. I love when a book drives me to research about the topic! In fact, Nielsen’s info at the end of the book was intriguing. I love that the characters were related on people with brilliant stories that needed to be told. In fact, I read this in one setting-had to work out longer on elliptical just so I could finish one part because I didn’t want to stop. This book has wonderful characters and a plot that is action packed, but believable. Your heart will grieve and cheer all at the same time.


My favorite quote isn’t even from the book, but from the notes at the conclusion of the novel: “May we never forget. May we live with honor at all times, regardless of our circumstances. And may we choose love, a weapon that will defeat hate every single time. Love is the resistance.”

Recommended Grades: 7-12
Genre: Historical Fiction
Overall Opinion: Highly Recommended
Source: Audio and Book (because I needed to go faster).

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