Book Review: Letters to the Lost

Yes, I’m alive. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since my last post! I’ve been reading like crazy, but I just haven’t been blogging. It’s on my goal list for this year, so maybe I’ll be better! I always love sharing about books, just can’t always find the time to blog.

Letters to the Lost CoverBook Review: Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

While doing community service, Declan finds a letter on a grave that speaks to his heart. He is moved enough that he feels compelled to add a note to the bottom of the letter. Later, when Juliet sees his note, she is both furious at the violation, and slightly curious, so she writes back. The two begin correspondence. Through these letters (later emails) they both share things they aren’t able to share with others, but life is rarely that easy. Will the friendship last if they discover each other’s identity? Especially since they quickly learn, they go to the same high school.

I was so thankful for this book because I started my year with a few duds (books not people). I grabbed this book because it is on the 2019 Lone Star List, and I loved the cover. This book is beautifully written, and I had to stay up late to finish it in one sitting. I really enjoyed that even the minor characters have some complexity, and there were quite a few main character layers I wasn’t expecting. I’m interested to read her next novel, because I think there is sooo much more to learn about Declan’s best friend Rev.

Reader’s Note: I would suggest some Kleenex if your heart is a defender of the marginalized. The feeler in me wanted to punch/shake/hug some characters-sometimes in the same chapter.

Quote-none (book was due next day, so there were a few I loved but didn’t have time to collect).

Recommended Grades: 7-12 (tiny bit of language-but not much and some tough issues)
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion: Recommend
Source: Book

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