Book Review: This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

momentaryBook Review: This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

John Piper uses his experiences with marriage and the biblical portrayal of marriage to discuss how to build a marriage that lasts through both good and bad. He focuses on building a marriage of commitment and not just sticking together when things are easy.

This book was recommended to me by a friend who was reading it at the time. At first I wasn’t impressed because some of the language is a little thick and it is a very repetitive in parts, but there are moments of brilliance in this book. Early on in my life, I prayed that I would have a marriage that was different from the casual examples I’d seen modeled. My parents divorced early in my life, and I really don’t think they would have even gotten married had I not been an unexpected addition. Later in life, I’ve seen true examples of forgiveness and been blessed to see some wonderful examples of marriage.  For me, this book clarified some of the reasons why those relationships were so successful.


On fear and forgiveness

His bride is free from shame not because she is perfect, but because she has no fear that her lover will condemn her or shame her because of her sin.

On living with grace

But the reasons I stress living vertically from the grace of God and then bending out horizontally in forgiveness and justification toward your spouse are 1) because there is going to be conflict based on sin and strangeness (and you won’t be able to even agree with each other about what is simply strange about each other and what is sin); and 2) because the hard, rugged work of enduring and forgiving is what makes it possible for affections to flourish when they seem to have died; and 3) because God gets glory when two very different and very imperfect people forge a life of faithfulness in the furnace of affliction by relying on Christ.

On the heart behind submission (you’ll have to read this chapter for it to make sense probably)

If a husband is loving and wise like Christ in all these ways, his desire for his wife’s change will feel, to a humble wife, like she is being served, not humiliated.

n hopes of marriage

A Christian woman does not put her hope in her husband, or it getting a husband. She does not put her hope in her looks or her intelligence or her creativity. She puts her hope in the promises of God.

Recommended Grades: Adult
Genre: Nonfiction
Overall Opinion:   Average with above average moments of brilliance
Source: ebook

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