Book Review: I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

princessxBook Review: I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Libby and May were inseparable friends who worked on a comic together called Princess X. When Libby is killed in a car crash, all the pictures Libby drew are suddenly gone. May tries desperately to find them, but is unsuccessful. Then, one day when she is out and about, she sees their heroine on a sticker. With the help of Patrick; local IT guy, May follows the clues to see if Libby is somehow alive, or if it is all just a trick.

I loved this book and totally understand why it is a Texas Lone Star winner this year. The plot is quick moving and keeps you hooked. I loved the comic graphic novel and text format that seemed so appropriate to the story. I think the cover is beautiful and naturally has high girl appeal. My manga guys will pick it up, but I had to con a few boy into picking it up, before it caught on with that audience. The audio for this is well done because it narrates the illustrations. I listened to part on audio, but liked looking at the novel so switched over to the book.

Quote that cracked me up~

Which meant he had about eight weeks to pull something amazing out of his butt.

His butt wasn’t being terribly helpful.

Recommended Grades: 6-10
Genre: Mystery (includes a graphic novel)
Overall Opinion:   Recommended
Source: book and audio

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