Book Review: Queen by Aimee Carter

Book Review: Queen by Aimee Carter

Book three of The Blackcoat Rebellion finds Kitty back in the world of Prime Minister Hart due to a cruel trick on his part (won’t give it away, but I was not happy with him). Kitty plans to use the Lila masquerade only as long as necessary to get what she wants; freedom from the oppressive government.

Maybe it isn’t a good sign that I had to remember if I really finished the book or not. HA HA. Really just more a sign that I was too busy I think. The bow on this was a little to quick for me. Not to simple, just story…story…okay it’s done. That said, I really did enjoy the trip to get there. And I’m not even sure how I would tie the bow differently. I think I needed a little more struggle, but maybe that is the beauty of the ending that exists. Read it and let me know.

Quotes: none

Recommended Grades: 8-12
Genre: Dystopian
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: book

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