Book Review: The Rose Society by Marie Lu

roseBook Review: The Rose Society by Marie Lu

Adelina’s story continues as she struggles to deal with the events from book one (trying not to spoil it for you by telling you what happens) as well as embracing her role as the White Wolf. As she slowly collects Elites and creates her own group called the Rose Society, she finds the pull of darkness more than she can handle at times. Will she be able to save Kenettra while still holding on to herself?

I thought the first book in this series was wonderful, so I guess this one had me expecting more. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, but I think it fell into a little bit of the second book dilemma. You have to lay some back story and fill some gaps before the next book. There were some great parts, but overall I was left wanting. That said, the audio performance of this book is very well done.


“Caring for a scoundrel is a dangerous thing.”

Recommended Grades: 8-12
Genre: Fantasy
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: Audiobook

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