Book Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

letsgetlostBook Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Leila is traveling across the country and up into Alaska to see the northern lights. Along the way she meets strangers whose lives she impacts in dynamic ways. Told from the viewpoints of those she meets until the last section.

I had to read this book after watching my students respond to this author at a book signing. Not only was he gracious with my students, but they were actually in tears when they met him. One of the girls commented that the book changed her life. How can you not want to investigate that? The book is well written and a beautiful commentary on relationships and forgiveness. Looking forward to reading more from this author.


“People hurt each other, ” Leila said without much inflection in her voice. “It happens to everyone. Intentionally, unintentionally, regretfully or not. It’s a part of what we do as people. The beauty is that we have the ability to heal and forgive.”

Recommended Grades: 10 and up
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion:  Recommended
Source: Book

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