Unlikely Hero ImageBook Review: The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by Teresa Toten

Unlikely Hero ImageBook Review: The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by Teresa Toten

In an effort to end his OCD, Adam Ross joins a support group. He isn’t thrilled about the plan to choose a superhero persona until he realizes that he can be Batman. Not because he particularly cares about Batman, but because he notices his crush Robyn has chosen to be Batman’s sidekick Robin. Now Adam/Batman plans to overcome his compulsive behaviors, fix everyone else in the group; and oh yeah, win the girl! His family isn’t making that easy though, between a little brother who struggles with similar issues and a mother who is a hoarder.

First, the audio for this book is FANTASTIC. I loved the characters in this book and the subtle humor that is woven throughout…even when somewhat inappropriate (you’ll know the scene when you get there). As someone who has family with OCD tendencies, I appreciated the way the characters were more than just a stereotype. Adding the mystery of the letters makes this a story to appeal to both boys and girls.


None, but only because of this…there are some beautiful passages but I didn’t feel like I could legally script them all out and stay in copyright. There was a lot of eloquent wordsmithing going on in this book. Plus a few I could quote gave too much away. Just read it for yourself people! He he.

Recommended Grades: 8 and up (only because of one topic really-but the scene is hilarious)
Genre: Realistic Fiction (with lots of humor)
Overall Opinion:  Highly Recommended
Source: Audiobook

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