Book Review: The Young Elites by Marie Lu

youngelitesWhen disease sweeps the land, it leaves behind in its wake a group of people marked from the disease. Some of these are have special abilities that resulted after their recovery. These become the Young Elites; a group of citizens rising against the unfair treatment of those seen as imperfect by the current leadership. Adelina joins the Elites after accidentally causing the death of her father. She knows that discovery is only one heartbeat away; but then again, so is freedom.

I loved this book but the ending seemed to resolve too quickly.. I’m sure all of it will make sense when I read the next book. There was just all this masterful story telling going on and then the bow seemed a little too neat. Knowing what happened in the first book though, I’m sure that bow will unravel pretty quickly in the next book. Okay, I’ll hold off on judgement until I read the next book.


On sisters

“All of a sudden I understand my sister better. I always thought of her as the sweet naive one, but perhaps she wore her sweetness and naivety as a shield. Perhaps she always knew exactly what she was doing. Unlike me, who always pushed people away, she protected herself by making people like her.”

Eye vs eyes-interesting how much saying things like “closed her eye” (she only has one) stuck out. It was a constant reminder of how the disease changed Adelina.

Just a great sentence
“Then she laughs. It is a bright ringing sound; the laugh of someone who is loved.”

Recommended Grades: 8 and up
Genre: Dystopian
Overall Opinion:  Average
Source: Book

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