Library Activity: Biography Research

Research….I know what you are thinking. Been there done that! This time we took Black History Month projects and added a little pizazz.

Step 1: Book Research (yes, we still think this is valuable)-done in the library (one day)

Step 2: Database Research-done in the library (one day)

Step 3: Write a first person narrative with facts the student learned while researching. The great thing about switching this to first person is that it makes plagiarism so much harder. -done in the classroom

Step 4: Use the app Chatterpix to record the narratives like the student actually was that person (Chatterpix allows you to slice a picture where a mouth should be and add the student’s voice).  It was AMAZING how creative the kids were! This was done in the library and we only allowed one day, but some students had to come back a seond day. Next time, we will allow two days for step 4. We would like to splice the clips into imovie so that they show in one continuous film. Chatterpix limits you to 30 seconds so we ended up doing several.

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