Book Review: Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

salt and stoneBook Review: Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

Part two picks up with the remaining two portions of the race. Tella is desperate to find the cure for her brother, but now her friendships and relationships from the first leg of the race are causing some complications on top of the challenges in the ocean and the mountains. Includes new characters and also some favorites from the first book.

Just as well written as book one; full of great adventures and tough decisions. My only gripe is that there is a lot of revisiting what happened in book one. People who had a gap between the first two books might appreciate, but it was a little too much for someone who had just read book one. The actual story itself is masterfully done, so not a big deal at all!


On life:

That’s the thing about life: When you’re dealt a crappy situation, you think to yourself, At least it can’t get any worse than this.

And then life slaps you upside the head for being naïve.

On love:

I blush, remembering the kiss he laid on my forehead last night. Guy wouldn’t ever read sonnets to me or suggest we take a picnic at Crane Beach, but he does other things, better things. He makes me feel beautiful with cropped hair and dirt smudged across my skin. He stands close when I’m afraid, and leaves me be when I can stand on my own. He believes I’m strong, even if it took some time for him to respect that. And he allows me to lead when I know he could do a better job himself.

Guy is strong, courageous, unbreakable.

Just beautiful sentences:

“There’s something behind his eyes that I can’t quite reach. A mystery I want to unfold in my hands like an origami flower.”

“My soul shatters into a million fragments that will never piece together the same way again.”

Recommended Grades: 8 and up (F word but used in context of a tough scene)
Genre: Action Adventure
Overall Opinion:  Recommended
Source: Book

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