Top 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say as a Junior High Librarian

In honor of National Library Week I figured I’d take a moment and reflect on my profession. Here are the top 10 thing I never thought I’d say as a junior high librarian, but have said at least once recently.

10. “Everyone look…I got retweeted by an author!” (yes, I’m a nerd)

9. “Yes, that’s my name on a book.” (amazes the kids to see I’ve published a book)

8. “Watch your foot on the plug-they are launching hot air balloons.” (Gateway project that likes my tall ceilings)

7. “Please be careful skipping in the library.” (kid rushing over to find a new book)

6. “Let me tell you a secret…citation bores me too!” (when asked if I dreamt about citations)

5. “It’s really not dandruff; I was sanding the edges off of a book so it wouldn’t look so old.”

4. “Someone plug that into the fruit and let’s see if it works!” (relating to a Makey Makey)

3. “Nathan Fillion just photo bombed my photo!” (okay, it was just his READ poster, but fan girl crush)

2. “Has anyone seen the 3D shark?” (relating to our new 3D printer we got through a grant)

1. “I’m so glad that book touched your heart, and even happier you finished your first book ever. Ready for your next book?”

And this one I didn’t say…but actual conversation this year:

  • Student: “Miss V?”
  • Me: “Yes?”
  • Student: “Ummm…I’m not really sure how to tell you this…”
  • Me: “What’s wrong?”
  • Student: “Well, the student teacher wants to know if you guys can be quieter.” (they were in a corner of the library doing a worksheet)
  • Me (choking back a laugh) “Tell her sweetly that I said that I’m very sorry, but we are doing math stations today. That means we have four stations full of awesome collaborative learning going on.”
  • Student: “Yeah, I tried to tell her we didn’t have a normal library here.”

He he…never thought I’d be told to be quiet in my own library!

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