Book Review: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

chosen oneBook Review: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

Kyra is a part of a radical fundamental polygamist sect who’s life forever changes when she meets a librarian who drive the Mobile Library on Wheels. Now a new world is opening for Kyra who is torn with what to do when the Prophet decides who she must marry.

Although this book is startling at times, it is wonderfully written. The reader is pulled right into the world of Kyra and agonizes over the life she lives. There is a beautiful appreciation for music and books mixed with brutal harness at times.

Quote when Kyra takes her first book; Bridge to Terabithia from the Mobile Library
“One, I knew would be easier to hide. But oh, how my life changed with his stopping, my life changed when I started reading.”

Quote on the power of music

“Music carries me away; has since I was little. I can feel notes under my skin, feel music under my muscles. Sometimes I even dream in Mozart or Beethoven scores.”

Recommended Grades: 7 and up
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion:  Average
Source: Audiobook

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