Library Activity: Speedbooking

Last week was one of my favorite weeks because we did Speedbooking. It is really the only time of the year that I do a stand alone library activity. That said, it directly connects to literacy appreciation, and students all leave excited about books, so I don’t feel like it is wasted time. This is the time of year when my 8th graders get bored with reading. Time to light a little fire under them.

Basically, the students rotate between seven different stations where they “meet” a book a different way at each table.

  • Audiobook
  • Lone Star Reading List
  • Author Website
  • Book Format
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  • Digital Book Talk
  • Read A Like Lists

As a side note, I pull enough books for every class (whew) so that kids can check out books that period if they want to rather than waiting until the day is over.  Circulation is always much higher after this activity. The big winner of the week though was the choose your own adventure books. I think part of it was they loved hearing the “old folks” talk about how cool they were and how to fix things when you accidentally chose the wrong ending. AKA made a choice that got you killed.


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