Makerspace Activity: Old School Collages

I’m going to try this year to be better about blogging about some of the things we’ve been doing in the makerspace or my school library. No promises, but I’ll try!

Make a Collage Day: Old School Style


So, the whole idea for this theme came from the fact that I had this embosser laying around and kids kept asking me what it was, so I decided to use up some of the magazines that were taking over the tub and kill two birds with one stone.

Set Up:

  • One table with scrapbook paper and an explanation about how we were making a paper version of Instagram. 🙂
  • One table with magazines, glue, scissors, markers, etc.
  • One table with embossing supplies and stamps.

What Worked:

  • Kids jumped right in and got started. The boys were just as excited about this as the girls.
  • Lids on the embossing powder…if they put them back on…which didn’t always happen. AND it wasn’t always their fault.

What Needed a Little Adjustment:

  • Apparently, some of my kids had never made a collage before…not quite sure how that happened, but some didn’t even know how to cut apart a magazine. Next time I might have both digital and non-digital option.
  • Most of my kids had never used an embosser. It was a colossal mess, but it was a fun mess. Next time I will need to have an extra set of hands or more embossers.
  • Some of my students had never used a stamp pad before, they had only seen self-stamping stamps. I went through two stamp pads (they literally shredded them) before I figured out what the issue was.

Overall Reflection

  • Kids had a blast, but we needed a little more time to finish (really a two day project) and I need more supplies before I try again. Thinking about doing something decorative before the end of the year as a thank you to their teachers maybe.

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