Book Review: Graduation Day by Author

graduationdayBook Review: Graduation Day by Author

With memories returning from the Testing, Cia and Thomas are determined to get to the truth behind what the government is really doing. The tough part comes in knowing who to trust along the way because sometimes enemies are friends, and friends act like enemies. Cia struggles with how far she should go in an effort to end the corruption.

The conclusion to The Testing series is nonstop from start to finish. I actually am torn as to whether I liked this book or book one better because of all the great character struggles and the dynamic plot in this book. There are a lot of really intense scenes that had me asking myself what I would do in that situation. I didn’t always like Cia in this book, and I think that is important because she didn’t always like herself either.


“I study the anguish and resolve on his face. I have seen the same expression in my reflector. It is the look of a person who has come to a crossroads and chosen the more difficult path.”

Recommended Grade: 7-12
Genre: Dystopian
Overall Opinion: Recommended
Source: Book

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