Book Review: Independent Study by Author

indepstudyBook Review: Independent Study by Author

Cia has survived the testing, but she quickly learns that the challenges have only begun. She has no memories of her testing, but she senses that something isn’t quite right. When she starts to investigate, things get even more complicated and she is no longer sure if she can trust the boy she thought she loved…or anyone else for that matter.

Augh, I read book two and three back to back so I’m confusing the plots and reviews in my mind. This was a solid book two. Typically book twos are a little bit of a filler between two books, but this one did a great job of keeping me interested and actually developing the plot.


My arms ache to reach out for him, to soothe the pain and grieve with him for the loss of a friend. But I don’t know how to cross the divide our secrets have built between us.”

Recommended Grade: 7-12
Genre: Dystopian
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: eBook

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