Book Review: Ingredients of Young Outliers by John Shufeldt

outliersBook Review: Ingredients of Young Outliers by John Shufeldt

This nonfiction book takes the ideas of Outliers by Gladwell and translates that into what young outliers have that make them successful. Several different attributes are focused on as well as quotes from individuals on that specific topics.

This book was very interesting to read. I kept finding myself shaking my head in agreement at the traits focused on and why they are important. While I really enjoyed this, I think there will be a limited audience that picks this up on their own. Thinking with my teacher hat on, I think it would be great for breaking apart as discussion topics and small group study.


“In an article in USA Today, Gladwell was quoted as saying, “the biggest misconception about success is that we do it solely on our own smarts, ambition, hustle and hard work.” I agree. Success-at least in the business, sports, and entertainment worlds-takes a myriad of activities, a measure of luck, and some God-given talent.”

On failure: “A momentarily painful as failure can be, looking back, my own failures have opened up doors and led me to some of the best times and biggest successes of my life.”

Recommended Grade: 7th-12th
Genre: Nonfiction
Overall Opinion: Average
Source: eBook from Netgalley

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