Book Review: Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Sorry about the delay in blogging…no excuses (or good ones anyway).

uninvitedBook Review: Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

Davy is the envy of every girl at her high school: popular, handsome boyfriend, and smart. That is until she tests positive for the Homicidal Tendency Syndrome gene; meaning she is destined to become a killer. Life unravels from there at a startling pace!

So funny thing, sometimes when I know an author I don’t read the inserts because I want to be surprised. Book jackets give away too much information sometimes. From the cover, I totally thought this was going to have an alien slant. Boy was I wrong! There were several times in this book I was so frustrated at characters because I could TOTALLY see this happening today. This is an interesting exploration to nature vs. nurture and do we actually create the criminals we are trying to prevent?


On self-perception: “She hardly looks like the mother of someone like me. This strikes me almost at once. How easy it’s become for me to alter my perception of myself. It makes me wonder if I ever really knew me.”

On fighting (while wrestling): “I skip away faster, leading him on a merry chase. We do this for a while. Me just barely avoiding him. Him getting red-faced and angry. It’s working. He’s gasping. Getting tired, frustrated. If I didn’t have to stay on this mat, I’d be long gone by now. But I do. Just like in real life—I can’t always run. Sometimes I have to stay and fight.

Recommended Grade: High school-Adult
Genre: Dystopian
Overall Opinion: Recommended
Source: Book

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