Book Revew: The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

ImagePrenna and her family are immigrants, but rather than moving countries, they are immigrants from a future time. Forced to live by strict rules in order to protect the future, Prenna finds herself inexplicably drawn to a classmate named Ethan. Due to health concerns, becoming intimate with time natives; someone from the current time period, is strictly banned. When a mysterious stranger convinces Prenna and Ethan to investigate a death that may reshape the future, Prenna isn’t sure if she can resist temptation despite the costs.

For those of you who loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, this new book is a science fiction departure from the normal Brashares we’ve come to love. That said, it still has plenty of the romance (and a little of the steamy banter) that you would expect.

Funny YouTube Clip:

Book trailer I made for my students:

Quote from the book on happiness:

“Lying here like this, I can imagine happiness. Not a kicky, bright kind, but a bull, almost aching kind, both dark and light. I can see the whole world in this way. I can imagine extending the feeling to other places and parts of the day. I can imagine holding it in my pocket like a lens, and bringing it out so that I can look through it and remember again and again the world that has this feeling in it.”

Recommended Grades: 8th and up
Genre: Science Fiction
Overall Opinion: Recommended
Source: ebook from Netgalley

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