Be Still…

On Monday I had staff development so I got out of work earlier than normal. Couple that with the fact that the training was on my side of town, and I was headed home about an hour earlier than normal.  Then it happened…traffic happened.

Here I was, sitting in the car utterly frustrated at the people who kept swerving around and making up lanes, while us rule followers were waiting our turn. Finally giving up, I took a side street only to find that everyone else also had the same idea. Needless to say, my 10 minute commute home ended up taking almost 45 minutes (like four blocks).

As I sat in the car feeling my blood pressure rise, I noticed a little boy playing in the playground next to me. He was happily making up his own games. It reminded me of the times as a child that I turned Tupperware into cars and other magical creations. How quickly we lose that ability to just be present in the moment. Deep breath. Deep breath. It was then I realized my focus was totally off. Not only did I not really have anywhere I needed to be, but I was missing a great opportunity to just be still.

The Bible says Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. This is something I continually struggle with because when you try to squeeze so much into a day at work, it is easy to think that all of your life has to be filled with the same amount of hustle and bustle. That isn’t the way we were originally designed though. I’m not saying I’m going to start smelling roses, but maybe just stop driving by them without noticing them. 🙂

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