Book Review: A Star is Born by Walter Dean Myers

A Star is BornAlthough this is the third book in The Cruisers series, it can be read without reading the other two books because enough background information is provided. This novel focuses primarily on LaShonda and some new opportunities after her success with the fashion designs for the Cruisers’ play.

Torn on this review. Everything else I read gave it glowing recommendations, but while I liked the idea it was just okay, not great. To me, the author tried to squish too much into one book rather than focusing on the plot line originally created. That is not normal for this author and really surprised me. One thing I love about Walter Dean Myers is the well developed characters.  I did appreciate the multiple forms of literature though, and that they were presented in an approachable way. Would be easy to use in the classroom because of the style but has some sensitive issues.

No quotes that really hit home on this one.

Recommended Ages: Grades 7-12 Main audience reluctant readers.
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Overall Opinion:  Average
Source: Book

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