Book Review: Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel

altar egoThis nonfiction book focuses on how to move beyond insecurities and labels and be the person God designed you to be.

Another great book by Craig Groeschel. My favorite is The Christian Atheist, but I really enjoyed this one as well. Too easily we let ourselves get labeled by past mistakes or who we think we are rather than realizing our full potential.

Quote that summed me up “I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. I’ve always battled with insecurity. Most people seem to think I’m confident—even cocky, I’ve been told. Many people tell me that I’m a natural leader, strong, and even-keeled. But the truth is that I doubt myself every day. Or maybe that is no secret”

Quote about God I loved, “And the best news for us is that God, the Potter, doesn’t just throw away the clay, starting over from scratch with new clay. No, he uses the same clay, reshaping it into what he wanted it to be. If the choices you’ve been making have left you just a blob of dried out clay, God wants to remake you into his masterpiece, made new in Christ Jesus.”

And a lovely quote about hearing no, “I’m convinced, though, that the same boldness that’s required to ask God for big things can handle it if he says no. My faith in God is big enough that I can ask him for anything, and my faith can handle God’s saying no. My faith can handle it because he is the Sovereign God;  he’s in charge; he knows.

Recommended Ages: High School or Adult
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Overall Opinion:  Recommended
Source: Book

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