Library Activities-the Top 10 Reasons I’ll Repeat it Again Next Year!

Library Activities-the Top 10 Reasons I’ll Repeat it Again Next Year

This year I started doing library activities in November. These are just fun things we do in the library about once a week (except for when testing wouldn’t allow). We had a blast!!  I’ve already committed to volunteering my time again next year for this because I think that it has paid off in so many ways.

Reason 10: My principal thinks I’m a rock star now. 🙂

Reason 9: We had the opportunity to learn some new technology and websites that were only loosely connected to education (like music creation and avatars). The funny thing was the students then came up with great ways to incorporate their new skills into projects that were academic.

Reason 8: It got teachers involved in the library and some were even willing to volunteer. Teachers even came down to hang out or learn a new skill.

Reason 7: I learned what worked and what didn’t. Origami and cupcake decorating were huge…poetry and drawing not so much.  Think I had those the wrong time of year (need to do earlier or around a holiday).

Reason 6: The library opens up 45 minutes early. I’d much rather volunteer that time to do something awesome in the library rather than just do paperwork.

Reason 5: I learned some new skills and brushed up on some old ones.  Unfortunately, I find myself doing origami now even when not appropriate (like in a meeting).

Reason 4: The list we brainstormed was too long-I’ve still got a whole list to try out.

Reason 3: Students have something to look forward to once a week but are willing to come hang out even if it isn’t an activity day.

Reason 2: My morning attendance increased by 100%. Although I’m not reaching all of my targeted audience I have an audience and that is a start.

Reason 1: The kids said I have to, so I guess I’d better.

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