Book Review: Fox Forever


Warning…contains some spoilers to first book.

Book three in the Jenna Fox Chronicles finds Locke on a favor for the Network. He is still adjusting to living in a box for 260 years, and learning about the new society he is thrust into.  Not only is a beloved Network leader still alive, but Locke finds himself falling for the person who will become the bait if he can’t find the answers he needs.

When I read the first book I fell in love with Jenna. The first two books kept me guessing and this book is no different, except that the must love character is Locke.  Enjoyed that the bots are back (and still making a difference one act at a time) and that there was joy for Meisha. Her character broke my heart and I was so glad to see her as more than just a tragic plot twist.

Line full of beautiful honesty, “Words have been said that can’t be taken back, and I learned a long time ago that words have longer lives than people.”

Recommended Ages: Grades 7 and up
Genre: Science Fiction
Overall Opinion: Recommended
Source: Book

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