Book Review: Dark Triumph

ImageAs a trained assassin, Sybella knows that sometimes life is hard. Her own life has been filled with tragedy. When the convent sends her back to her father with the promise of being able to kill him, she quickly realizes things aren’t as simple as she thought. Her haunted past waits for her again with open arms, but Sybella is determined to change her fate.

I had to laugh at myself on this one because it had be long enough since I read Grave Mercy that I didn’t realize initially there was a different main character. I was confused by inconsistencies in character and then it dawned on me it WAS a different character. HA HA. This book is darker than the first book but the story is beautifully written and that darkness is needed to fully understand Sybella’s actions.

Line that sent shivers down my spine: “I must have faith, but having faith is hard, so much harder than despair.”

Recommended Ages: Grades 9-Up
Genre: Historical Fiction
Overall Opinion: Recommended
Source: Book

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